In 2009, 80% of students returned home because they didn't have a job or had a low paying job. Will that be you? Discover your career now.




Starting over in a new career or even taking a different step in your current career can be a challenge. Worrying about where your career is headed? Develop your career plan now.



For most, a company's
greatest asset is its
employees. Are you
producing leaders?
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Horizon Point Consulting is committed to helping individuals and organizations and communities discover, develop and maximize their talent.

For organizations, we provide leadership and career coaching and assessment focused on enhancing company performance through the creation of lasting behavioral change in supervisors and managers. In addition, we help companies develop performance evaluation and development tools.

For communities, we help in establishing workforce development strategic plans as well as workforce survey development and analysis. 

We work with students to discover the right college, major and career for them and we work with adults in or considering a career transition through career assessment and coaching. 

Let us help you or your organization discover, develop and maximize your talent!



  • Passion + Productivity = Give Back

    Passion + Productivity = Give Back

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    As January comes to a close, many of us are saddled with the potential reality that our new years resolutions, many of them fitness and health related, are falling by the wayside.

    Susan Ozier, a Health and Fitness Coach, knows how many of us feel when it comes to this reality and is using her personal experience to fuel passion and productivity to give back to others in a way that helps them achieve their goals.  

  • Goal Setting for Students

    Goal Setting for Students

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    I’ve always been a list maker. I love to make a list at the end of each work day, so I can draw a red line through item after time the following work day. And, by the way, I don’t just do this for work. I do it for everything: grocery list, kid’s activities for the week, Christmas shopping list, cleaning for the week and the list goes on and on. I’m the queen of lists. 

  • Goal Setting - Feedback

    Goal Setting - Feedback

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    I want to round out the goal setting discussion by focusing on the importance of feedback.  To illustrate, feedback has played a critical role in a current client business coaching engagement.  To begin the coaching process this past summer, we employed a 360° feedback mechanism to help set priorities for the client's development.  Feedback was first necessary to set goals and priorities.

  • Career Change for Athletes

    Career Change for Athletes

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    A career as an athlete is something many dream about, but only a small percentage of those who dream of playing a sport actually make that dream come true.

    After your “glory days” or maybe after you begin a family, you may consider a career change. Regardless of whether you have an injury that forces you to consider a new career or if you are just ready to get out of the game, where do you begin? What’s your next move?