In 2009, 80% of students returned home because they didn't have a job or had a low paying job. Will that be you? Discover your career now.




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Horizon Point Consulting is committed to helping individuals and organizations and communities discover, develop and maximize their talent.

For organizations, we provide leadership and career coaching and assessment focused on enhancing company performance through the creation of lasting behavioral change in supervisors and managers. In addition, we help companies develop performance evaluation and development tools.

For communities, we help in establishing workforce development strategic plans as well as workforce survey development and analysis. 

We work with students to discover the right college, major and career for them and we work with adults in or considering a career transition through career assessment and coaching. 

Let us help you or your organization discover, develop and maximize your talent!



  • 2 Steps to Keep People from Quitting

    2 Steps to Keep People from Quitting

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    Do you know the number one reason why people quit a job? It’s not for more money or better benefits or advancement opportunities. People may cite these factors as a reason for leaving in an exit interview or casual conversation, but what most likely led them to look elsewhere in the first place is because of a bad boss. As a Harvard Business Review article stated, “Studies have consistently shown that having a bad manager or a poor relationship with one’s manager is a top reason an employee quits.”