In 2009, 80% of students returned home because they didn't have a job or had a low paying job. Will that be you? Discover your career now.




Starting over in a new career or even taking a different step in your current career can be a challenge. Worrying about where your career is headed? Develop your career plan now.



For most, a company's
greatest asset is its
employees. Are you
producing leaders?
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Horizon Point Consulting is committed to helping individuals and organizations and communities discover, develop and maximize their talent.

For organizations, we provide leadership and career coaching and assessment focused on enhancing company performance through the creation of lasting behavioral change in supervisors and managers. In addition, we help companies develop performance evaluation and development tools.

For communities, we help in establishing workforce development strategic plans as well as workforce survey development and analysis. 

We work with students to discover the right college, major and career for them and we work with adults in or considering a career transition through career assessment and coaching. 

Let us help you or your organization discover, develop and maximize your talent!


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  • Why interviews aren’t the best way to hire right

    Why interviews aren’t the best way to hire right

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    We’ve had two young men as career coaching clients lately.   Although pursuing different types of opportunities, they are both in their early to mid-twenties and are having a hard time finding a job in their respective fields- both of which, by the way, are in demand.   Both have been getting called for interviews, but something seems to fail in the interview every time and they haven’t been offered jobs.

  • February's Passion + Productivity = Give Back

    February's Passion + Productivity = Give Back

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    Education Elements, an organization that helps school districts personalize learning,embodies the saying “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand” in their approach to education. Because of their belief that learning can be customized for every student, powerful results are being seen across the nation in student outcomes.

    Their story demonstrates how passion + productivity for the work that they do and for improving K-12 education leads to students who are better prepared by their education for college and career so that they can give back to their communities as they get older.

  • 4 Ways to Pass the Informal Leader Test

    4 Ways to Pass the Informal Leader Test

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    With a growing need to manage project based work coupled with the need to vet an individual’s leadership capabilities, organizations are assigning hi-potentials with informal leadership roles, or project manager roles, before giving them the positional and formal leadership authority over others.