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Horizon Point Consulting is committed to helping individuals and organizations and communities discover, develop and maximize their talent.

For organizations, we provide leadership and career coaching and assessment focused on enhancing company performance through the creation of lasting behavioral change in supervisors and managers. In addition, we help companies develop performance evaluation and development tools.

For communities, we help in establishing workforce development strategic plans as well as workforce survey development and analysis. 

We work with students to discover the right college, major and career for them and we work with adults in or considering a career transition through career assessment and coaching. 

Let us help you or your organization discover, develop and maximize your talent!



  • 4 Outdated Career Myths You Should Probably Forget

    4 Outdated Career Myths You Should Probably Forget

    Author Guest Blogger, Stephanie Seibel

    Have you ever noticed that your career looks nothing like Mom's did? We've got a post-recession economy, technological advances resembling something from Gattaca, and a radically different generation of workers entering the labor force. It only takes one Google-second to realize that the entire world of work is changing.

    If the evolving work-world gives you a headache, here are 4 outdated career myths you can safely forget.

  • Give Back Feature - Tara Manufacturing

    Give Back Feature - Tara Manufacturing

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    Quality products cant be delivered without quality people, or at least that is Tara Manufacturings philosophy when it comes to being a leader in manufacturing pool liners and safety covers. By giving back to their employees and to their community, they have been able to grow a business through stewardship.

  • The Changing World of Work: Is the Policy Going to Die?

    The Changing World of Work: Is the Policy Going to Die?

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    You all know I hate policies for the sake of policies. Rules follower I am not, so when I see that one of the potential trends in the way work is changing is a swing away from policies, I get excited. Now throwing policies out the window isn’t being adopted by all, case in point this experience I had recently but with the need for innovation and adaptability in order to attract and retain talent and therefore meet customer needs, trends are arising to simplify or scratch policies all together.

  • It doesn’t matter how and where work gets done. The death of office space, office hours and the employee-employer relationship.

    It doesn’t matter how and where work gets done. The death of office space, office hours and the employee-employer relationship.

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    My brother started a new job in business development for an international company about six months ago. His boss lives in Toronto. He lives in Memphis, TN. In fact, he didn’t meet his boss until after he was hired. He works from home, or his car, or an airplane, or a hotel room, a Starbucks or really anywhere as long as he has a WIFI connection and a cell phone, it doesn’t matter where he is.

    We at Horizon Point just finished a project on wage analysis. Neither I nor our other full-time employee did any of the number crunching for it. The data analysis was done by a contract employee who works comp projects for us from time to time. She lives two hours away and has a full-time job by day. I never saw her once face-to-face throughout this project. I have met her once in person two years ago.