In 2009, 80% of students returned home because they didn't have a job or had a low paying job. Will that be you? Discover your career now.




Starting over in a new career or even taking a different step in your current career can be a challenge. Worrying about where your career is headed? Develop your career plan now.



For most, a company's
greatest asset is its
employees. Are you
producing leaders?
Maximize your
potential now.

maximize your talent

Horizon Point Consulting is committed to helping individuals and organizations and communities discover, develop and maximize their talent.

For organizations, we provide leadership and career coaching and assessment focused on enhancing company performance through the creation of lasting behavioral change in supervisors and managers. In addition, we help companies develop performance evaluation and development tools.

For communities, we help in establishing workforce development strategic plans as well as workforce survey development and analysis. 

We work with students to discover the right college, major and career for them and we work with adults in or considering a career transition through career assessment and coaching. 

Let us help you or your organization discover, develop and maximize your talent!



  • Count Your Problems and Be Thankful

    Count Your Problems and Be Thankful

    Author Mary Ila Ward

    An employee of yours is late for the third time this week; you know you are going to have to have a discussion with him. Your company has had a stellar year. Now you’re worried about what size check you are going to have stroke to Uncle Sam come April 15th. A customer calls mad because their name was spelled wrong on a letter you sent to them. You realized you sent a marketing piece to print containing incorrect numbers. To top it all, your computer crashed and, ouch, you don't have your files backed up.

  • Scholarship Search – Where do I begin?

    Scholarship Search – Where do I begin?

    Author Taylor Simmons

    Whether you are a freshman in high school or closing in on your junior year, scholarship searching should be at the top of your to-do list. Paying for college is expensive and scholarships are a great way to help soften the financial blow for students and parents.

  • A personal account of performance management that works… and doesn’t

    A personal account of performance management that works… and doesn’t

    Author Taylor Simmons

    My take on performance management is quite different than it was 10 years ago. I once worked for a company that basically rewarded all employees for their continued employment, and performance was not really taken into consideration when we all received a 5% raise. Regardless of how fabulous of a job I was doing or how not-so-fabulous my co-worker in the cubicle over was doing, we both received the same reward. This was not motivating me to be a better employee nor was it motivating for my mediocre colleague.